Ever since it defeated Georgia on the road for the first time 1997, Alabama women’s basketball has struggled, losing its last four games.

Its latest game was one of its worst games of the season, losing to Auburn by 39 points. By halftime, the Crimson Tide had only 12 points. Overall, it shot 23 percent from the field, while the Tigers shot 42 percent.

While on the four-game losing streak, Alabama has been outscored by 72 points. Only one loss was by less than 10 points.

The biggest problem in all three double-digit losses is there has been at least one quarter where Alabama scored less than 10 points.

In the Auburn game, the Crimson Tide scored just five points in the first quarter and seven in the second. In both the Mississippi State and Kentucky losses, Alabama scored just seven and six points respectively.

In all three cases, Alabama’s opponent ended the quarter with a substantial lead, which Alabama never recovered from.

The losing streak has also put Alabama under .500 late in the season for the first time since the 2015-16 season. That year, the Crimson Tide finished 15-16 that year and 4-12 in the SEC.

Alabama will have to win its remaining four games to reach that win total. Two of those games are on the road, where Alabama has won just 25 percent of its road contests this season.

If Alabama loses its remaining games, its 11 wins would be the lowest since the 2007-08 season where it won just eight games.