HOOVER — Being the only senior starter returning to an offense is no light burden, but Bradley Bozeman knows the important role he needs to play for Alabama to reach its full potential.

“We have to stay strong in our leadership,” Bozeman said last week at SEC Media Days. “Our leadership cannot waver. We have to stay the course.”

With early departures of Cam Robinson and Ardarius Stewart to the National Football League, Bozeman is left as the only senior who was in the starting lineup on offense last season.

A redshirt senior, Bozeman knows the importance of not taking any game lightly and never looking ahead. He has seen players get complacent, and he is not going to allow that to happen to this team.

“Every game has our attention,” Bozeman said. “It’s not about the last game or the next game. It doesn’t matter who we are playing. We push every day to be 1-0 at the end of every week.”

Bozeman surprised many last year when he turned the center position into a team strength over the course of one season, as he emerged as one of the best centers in the country.

Bozeman was a help to true freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts. However, with Hurts now a sophomore, Bozeman knows he’s going to be responsible for making sure everyone on the offensive line is in the correct position and has the correct assignment.

“Our offense has come out clicking,” Bozeman said. “It’s not just about the quarterback or just the running back or just the line. It’s about the whole machine. If one part isn’t running right, the whole thing’s not running. It’s not just one aspect.”

The Alabama offense is like a high-octane sports car, and Bozeman is the driver. Being the senior center, Bozeman leads the blocking unit and confirms that all the parts are running properly.

“We just have to push our group,” Bozeman said. “We have to become more vocal. Whenever you feel uncomfortable you’ve got to make yourself feel comfortable. Pushing our guys and be fair.”