Sounds like Alabama defensive back Anthony Averett doesn’t get enough sleep, or he doesn’t think so at least. It’s something he’d like to change in the future.

Good thing the New Year is right around the corner and just so happens to be the perfect time for a resolution.

“I think I would just say going to sleep at a better time at night,” the redshirt senior said. “My sleeping pattern’s not that great.”

Well, Averett’s roommate for the Crimson Tide’s time in New Orleans is fellow defensive back Levi Wallace. He’s not to blame for Averett’s lack of sleep, though. Averett blamed his phone. He thinks he stays up on it too long.

While on the subject, Averett also thought of a resolution for Wallace.

“I would say make sure he just keeps his head in the game,” Averett said. “He can get off track sometimes, just wandering and doing other things.”

Averett is fond of mental changes. A good mindset can makes for a good team.

When asked to come up with a resolution for Alabama coach Nick Saban, Averett had something else in mind.

“Just relax a little bit more,” Averett said. “Don’t stress too much.”