Alabama’s offensive linemen hang out together, which inevitably means they eat together.
Who eats the most?
JC (Hassenauer) eats a lot,” left guard Ross Pierschbacher said. “His plates that he comes out with are very extravagant. I mean, he’ll come out with a huge fruit plate, it looks like it came out of a five-star restaurant. He likes the finer tastes.”
When it comes to steaks and burgers, Pierschbacher says center Bradley Bozeman and Deonte Brown, a redshirt freshman, are the biggest eaters.
The linemen get together in different groupings a couple of times a week. After games, they usually all hang out together.
“Grill out or just order pizzas or something,” Pierschbacher said. “Just hang out. Sometimes we play poker, card games or whatever.”
When they order pizza, they naturally order big.
“At least $100, $150 worth,” said right tackle Matt Womack. “We just get a mix of everything, get some wings, get some dessert.”
When it comes to poker, Womack says he’s the champ.
“I’m a pretty good poker player, I feel like,” he said.