Alabama won its 17th national championship with a 26-23 victory over Georgia on January 8. Head coach Nick Saban won his sixth national championship, tying former Alabama coach Paul W. “Bear” Bryant for the most by any major college football coach. By any measure, Alabama boasts two of the greatest college football coaches of any era. Perhaps the two coaches stand alone as the greatest of all time.

TideSports is looking back at the careers and legacies of both legendary coaches. Our special coverage examines the roots of the coaches, their styles, personalities, accomplishments and more.

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Saban & Bryant: Two legends stand tall

By Aaron Suttles

Both coaches came from humble beginnings and came to embody greatness. Here’s what set them apart from their contemporaries, and the effect they had on those around them.

COLUMN: Instead of comparing greatness, let’s recognize and appreciate it

By Cecil Hurt

Determining “greatness” is one thing. But comparing coaches across eras is a futile task. It’s better to honor the accomplishments of both men than to compare one to another.

Saban or Bryant? Tough call for Alabama fans

By Drew Taylor

Many Alabama fans have had the fortunate to see two of college football’s greatest coaches. For them, both coaches hold a special place in their hearts.

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Nick Saban: The winding road from West Virginia to Tuscaloosa

Paul W. “Bear” Bryant:┬áBeloved coach with humble beginnings


Nick Saban’s 6 national championship teams

Paul W. “Bear” Bryant’s 6 national championship teams