By Ed Enoch
Staff Writer

The University of Alabama System board of trustees approved plans Friday for a $14.6 million renovation of the Mal A. Moore Athletic Facility to expand sports medicine services to all student athletes and expand the football locker room.

The trustees unanimously approved the preliminary scope of the project and waived the consultant selection process to execute an architectural agreement with Davis Architects of Birmingham for the project.

The firm will be paid a base fee of 6.9 percent of the cost of construction, currently budgeted at $11.3 million, and $50,000 for additional services. The project is part of the Crimson Standard master plan and will be funded with future bonds.

“The University’s athletics programs are premier programs to highlight the university on a national stage. A venue that exceeds the expectations of prospective students and achieves the ‘wow factor’ plays a critical role in opening the door of the university to many prospective student athletes,” according to the summary of the project presented to the board.

As part of the project, 47,040 square feet of the Mal Moore facility would be renovated and a 6,300 square foot addition would be built on the west side of the strength and conditioning facility.

“Any more discussion? Nobody wants to tell Saban no? Chickens,” joked Trustee James Wilson, the Physical Properties Committee Chairman.

Parts of the existing strength and conditioning space would be reconfigured for examination rooms, cryotherapy and float tanks, space for mental health services, and a workplace for doctors and therapists.

The south end of the first floor would be reconfigured so existing equipment and training rooms connected to the new sports sciences area. Hydrotherapy and the team recovery rooms would be relocated and reconfigured.

The football locker room would be expanded and reconfigured to connect the training, recovery, and equipment areas while providing more changing space.

New locker rooms for coaches and staff displaced by the expanded locker room will be added on the second level along with space for the scout team.

The addition would replace the space in the existing strength and conditioning footprint and provide offices, storage and support space.

The main entry lobby will be updated with new finishes and new access to training, equipment and locker rooms.