Alabama was chased inside again today with temperatures in the upper 40s and rain falling in Tuscaloosa. The forecast for Saturday is upper 60s and sunny, or you might see them outside to acclimatize to the elements. Otherwise, it was a normal practice in full pads.

Here are some observations from the open period:

  • Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa didn’t have a knee brace on for the first time in several weeks. He still had what looked like a rubber or neoprene sleeve on it, but no brace.
  • Here’s what Nick Saban said this morning when asked whether Tagovailoa is comfortable in the pocket and whether he’s banged up: “I think we gave up six sacks in nine games, so I mean how banged up is he getting? The guy’s a competitor. Nobody can play this game without having to get hit. It is football. We do the best we can to protect him. He got hurt earlier in the year. I think he’s over that now. I think the focus needs to be on everybody just doing a better job so we that can minimize the effect on the quarterback.”
  • Jalen Hurts (high ankle sprain) went through footwork drills at the back of the quarterback line and still looked pretty limited.
  • Left guard Deonte Brown (turf toe) was dressed but Lester Cotton continued to take the first team reps in his place. The second team offensive line was the same as yesterday.
  • Saw one look on the offensive line where Matt Womack was getting snaps with the first team at LT. Jonah Williams was dressed and participating so I don’t think it was an injury thing. Perhaps just preparing for a contingency or something else.
  • Still no sign of OLB Terrell Lewis.
  • The Cowboys, Seahawks and Colts had scouts at practice today.

Nick Saban should address the media at about 6:00 central time tonight. Stay tuned.