If somehow, someway, this wasn’t already known: The CFP national championship game between Alabama and Clemson next Monday will be the fourth time these two teams have met in as many years. That fact, along with the game’s location, is affecting tickets.

According to ticketIQ, ticket prices have dropped 30 percent since both the semifinals ended. The face value, as of Sunday night, was $425, making it the fourth-cheapest national championship game since 2011. Last season’s national championship game between Alabama and Georgia was $1,752.

Location matters. Atlanta was close for both of last season’s teams, at an average of 136 miles from each campus. The average distance to Santa Clara, California, for this season’s game is 2,428 miles from each campus. No two teams ever had to travel that far this decade until now.

Prices could still go lower. Tickets to last year’s Alabama-Clemson semifinal went down 31 percent in the week leading up to the game, and that game was in New Orleans.

The cheapest national championship game ticketIQ tracked was the 2017 Alabama-Clemson final in Glendale, Arizona. It hit $202. If this season’s game were get that low, tickets would have to go down 52 percent from their current mark.