Junior linebacker Mack Wilson has frequently been noted as one of Alabama’s most active participants on social media platforms like Twitter, but his traffic increased significantly after video of Wilson being taken out on a blindside block by Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb went viral this week.

“Of course,” Wilson responded on Tuesday when asked whether he had received increased Twitter attention after the Lamb block. “I feel like it was a good block. I’d do the same thing. But one thing I can say is, if that was me doing the blocking, that person would have never gotten up.

“I bounced right back up. It didn’t hurt much. But I feel like he made a great play that gave them momentum to go down and score after that drive.”

Wilson showed his good nature about the play later on New Year’s Day. After LSU quarterback Joe Burrow was leveled on a similar hit during a UCF interception return, but got back up to lead the Tigers to a Fiesta Bowl victory, Wilson tweeted Burrow to say “Hell yeah Joe. It happens to the best! I know the feeling.”

Wilson added that he didn’t use social media to be confrontational.

“I really don’t pay attention to it,” Wilson said. “I might run across it and talk to myself, but I really don’t go back-and-forth with (anybody) on social media. God put me in this position…for a reason and I thank him every day for it, so there’s no way a person who doesn’t know football (can) tell me nothing. So I just look across it.”