“Everyone kept competing like we always talk about, kind of like when you get punched and stunned in the first round of a fight, you don’t go down and you just keep boxing. The next thing you know you win the fight and kind of win the momentum.”

— Nick Saban on start of the Duke game

“Giving up the play that I gave up before sticks with me the most. I feel like, ‘OK, I have to make up for that. I use that as motivation to make plays.”

— Trevon Diggs on giving up a big play and then making an interception against Duke

“We kind of give him a high-five and a pat on the butt, like, ‘come back next time and try to do better,’ but we kind of stay out of that. It’s just like him coming to us and saying something about us pass blocking, you just kind of leave that alone. Let him do his thing.”

— Offensive lineman Jedrick Wills

“It’s a great feeling. I couldn’t do it without my teammates or my coaching staff. I did a good job of just running routes to get open.”

— Receiver Jerry Jeudy on his first 10-catch game