Alabama linebacker Terrell Lewis and tight end Miller Forristall had a fun back-and-forth during media availability on Monday.

Lewis sat in on Forristall’s session and asked a question regarding the tight end’s failed attempt at a one-handed reception in the end zone against Tennessee on Saturday night.

“Hey Miller, they called a penalty, but I really think you could have reeled in that one-handed grab and improved your catch rating,” Lewis said.”

To which Forristall responded, “Yeah, that’s definitely on me. That really could have bumped up my one-handed catch (numbers). That’s definitely on me coach.”

Tidesports reporter Brett Hudson followed with, “Know any linebackers that could have made that catch?”

Forristall responded, “Definitely not any of ours.”

Forristall turned the tables on Lewis, who had two sacks Saturday against the Vols, a few minutes later during his session.

“Two-part question,” Forristall said. “Why didn’t you have more sacks, and why didn’t you strip the ball?”

“Every time I go to the quarterback they just fall to the ground so I don’t get the sack,” Lewis said.

“I would, too,” said Forristall.