A handful of observations as Alabama nears the end of fall camp. The Crimson Tide was in full pads today.

Running backs

Bo Scarbrough (illness) was back at practice. He missed Saturday’s scrimmage and Monday’s walk-through. Josh Jacobs (hamstring) is still out. Ronnie Clark is still practicing with the RBs. He’s a versatile athlete and his experience in the program means he could probably go back to TE easily but wonder if this might be where he sticks for the season.

Outside linebackers

Tosh Lupoi and the outside linebackers were doing a drill I hadn’t seen before (pictured above). Two OLBs at a time were holding a large medicine ball with handles and shuffling with it, then shedding it and attacking another player. Looks like a drill to work on shedding blocks.

Backup Jamey Mosley (concussion) was participating during the open period of practice.

Offensive line

Matt Womack continues to take snaps with the first team offensive line at right tackle. That’s been the case in the viewing period for most of fall practice but we still hear more and more about Jedrick Wills making a move at that position.

Other notes

  • The New York Jets had a scout at practice.
  • Didn’t see any players using scout team numbers while we were at practice. They could have worn them once we left but it doesn’t seem like UA is on to game prep yet.
  • ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler were at practice. They’re slated to call the opener against FSU on the worldwide leader.
  • Didn’t see any changes in the nickel package from what we’ve seen through most of fall camp.
  • Another hot day in Tuscaloosa. Head trainer Jeff Allen was wandering around with a mister and a backpack full of water (think about what some lawn crews have for weeds, just filled with water) to spray down players.