The first full weekend of college football season is fast approaching. The staff at TideSports is looking ahead to the start of the action, and making our preseason predictions for the 2017 season.

Today, the staff is predicting Alabama’s final record and its postseason finish. If you missed any of our previous predictions, check them out here:

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Alabama season predictions

14-1, National Champions
Every time I do this, I get the “yeah, well who will they lose to?” question, to which I always respond “Somebody.” Going undefeated is hard. Who guessed Texas A&M in 2012, or Ole Miss in 2014? Plus, there is the chance that FSU is just better, although no one wants to hear it. But I think Alabama is built for the long haul.
-Cecil Hurt

14-1, National Champions
Alabama slips up somewhere along the way but is still dancing in the end. It simply comes down to Alabama has a better roster than everyone else in college football.
-Aaron Suttles

15-0, National Champions
Nick Saban hasn’t run the table all the way to the trophy-hoisting moment at the end of the season since 2009. I think this team has a chance to do it. If UA gets past Florida State in the opener and doesn’t have massive injury problems or self-inflicted wounds, it should be able to march all the way through the championship game without a blemish.
-Tommy Deas

14-1, National Champions
Nick Saban will be quick to remind his players that past performance is not indicative of future results. But that’s the best information we have in the preseason, and Alabama’s past performance has put it in the playoff each of the last three years. Predicting an undefeated season seems foolhardy, but so does betting against Alabama with a team this talented.
-Ben Jones

15-0, National Champions
Why not? The Crimson Tide came so close last season to finishing undefeated, so if it’s going to go all the way, it’s going to do it right this time. Perfection is the goal, and reckless should be my middle name.
-Terrin Waack