One of the more noticeable things during the media viewing period of practice was the national championship game hero DeVonta Smith working with the cornerbacks. But don’t expect that move to stick.

Asked about it after practice Tuesday, Saban ridiculed the question.

“He could play corner, but that’s not our plan for him,” Saban said. “We don’t have enough guys in the secondary right now. We recruited some good players. Hopefully they’ll come along in the fall. They aren’t here in the spring; Saivion (Smith) is the only guy who is here. We’ve done a lot of this kind of stuff. We taught Christion Jones to play defensive back.

“So what we do, in individual, when you are there — so I should probably change this and let him go with the receivers while you are there and I’ll work with him when you’re not there and then I wouldn’t have to answer these kind of questions. But just to be totally transparent like I always am about everything that we do, he works individual with the corners. Then he plays receiver the rest of the practice.

“Now I’m sure you’re next question is is how many reps does he get, and who is he splitting time with and who is he competing with, and what team is he on, and where’s he at on the depth chart none of which we have an answer for. So I’ll just take the questions right out of your mouth.”