During last Saturday’s first scrimmage, the offensive line mixed and matched personnel in different positions as the coaching staff attempts to find the right combination of the right five guys.

That experimentation included trying Alex Leatherwood at right tackle and Jedrick Wills at right guard. Both of those guys were reserve offensive linemen a season ago although Leatherwood came in to play the second at left tackle in the national championship game. Both are also quite talented.

Saban said there have been short-term growing pains as the search for the best five plays out, but that both sophomores are finding their way.

“You know, again, it’s a work in progress when you move guys to new positions but we think both of those young guys are really good players,” Saban said. “We want to come out of the spring with as much knowledge and diversity for both of those players, and they’ve done a really good job all spring long. They have things that they need to work on and improve on I think we’re all getting more and more confident in both of those guys so that we feel comfortable and confident that they can go in and have a role on the team next year.

“I’m kind of encouraged by the offensive line. We have a lot more experience, we have a lot more knowledge, we have a lot more leadership on offense right now, and I think it starts with the offensive line and I think that’s going to have to be one of the strengths of our team this year.”