Alabama’s biggest rivalries are all within the SEC, but the Crimson Tide has history with plenty of teams across the country. We’re asking Alabama fans to vote on which nonconference program they hate the most with an eight-team bracket.

You can vote by scrolling down and on also on Twitter @TideSports. Voting for this matchup will run through Tuesday night. Check back later this week for the next matchup.

Teams that just missed the bracket: Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Southern Miss, Michigan. For explanations, listen to the first segment of the podcast.

No. 1 Notre Dame

Football series record: Notre Dame leads 5-2

The Fighting Irish are a natural foil for the Crimson Tide. Both are among the most storied programs in the history of college football. The series still matters and will matter for years to come, evidenced by the 2028-29 home-and-home between the teams.

Alabama’s 1966 team finished the season 11-0 and is considered by many to be the best team fielded by Coach Paul W. “Bear” Bryant, but the voters that season awarded the national championship to Notre Dame. The Irish were undefeated most of the season before meeting undefeated Michigan State in the regular season finale. The teams tied and Notre Dame claimed a championship. On the other hand, Alabama claimed a national championship in 1973, then lost 24-23 to Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl. Alabama finished the 1977 season 11-1, but Notre Dame claims the championship that season with an 11-1 record.

More recently, Alabama defeated unbeaten Notre Dame 42-14 for the 2012 national championship. That was the last meeting between the two teams.

No. 8 UAB

Football series record: 0-0

There are two possibilities here: One is that Alabama has such strong feelings about UAB that it refuses to play the Blazers in football or men’s basketball, though they regularly meet in other sports. The other is that Alabama cares so little about this in-state opponent that it doesn’t even register for most fans.

There’s some history between the athletic departments, dating back to Gene Bartow’s letter to the NCAA. The Blazers don’t have a fan base that rivals Alabama, but the proximity of the schools leads fans to be in contact with one another. The Blazers are certainly an underdog in this matchup.