Alabama continued to move through the acclimatization period at practice today, putting shoulder pads on for fall camp today. The team will do one more day in shoulder pads, then can begin wearing full pads on Wednesday.

It was a hot, cloudy day as Alabama was working outdoors. Here are some observations from the open period:

  • A little shuffling at linebacker: Ben Davis was working with the outside linebackers while Chris Allen was inside. Not sure if this was a one-day deal or if it’ll be any longer than that. Davis was the fourth SAM linebacker through drills, behind Christian Miller, Jamey Mosley and a walk-on in drills.
  • Chris Allen was also pretty far back with the inside linebackers, behind Dylan Moses, Mack Wilson, Markail Benton, Josh McMillon and Jaylen Moody. It’s possible that while they’re at a new position, the coaches wanted them to take some time and see the drills that they’d be doing as they get started.
  • Josh Jacobs appeared to be going through all the running back drills, but was at the back of the line. He looked limited at times on Saturday, so not sure if this is related to that.
  • One interesting note at quarterback: Mike Locksley and Dan Enos are doing QB drills two at a time. They’ve got two guys running routes and two quarterbacks dropping back to throw at the same time. We’ve seen different OCs run different drills in the last three years, so this is another new variation.
  • Kedrick James is big. The tight end went from 255 pounds to 263 this offseason, and he looks like a piece of granite. I’ll be curious to see how they use him. If nothing else, it looks like he’d be a load to handle as a blocker.
  • The Falcons and Broncos both had scouts at practice.
  • Former Navy SEAL David Goggins was also at practice. If you’ve never heard his story, he’s worth checking out. He spoke to the team last night.