Today’s scrimmage was delayed by about an hour when some rain rolled through Tuscaloosa right at 12:30. The team went back inside to wait it out.

Viewing periods before scrimmages tend to be a little shorter, so there’s not always as much information in these practice reports. But Nick Saban speaks after the scrimmage ends, so we’ll have coverage for you later tonight. In the meantime, here are some notes and a podcast from Cecil and I about what to look for today.

  • It looked like Tua Tagovailoa was working with the starting offensive line before the scrimmage and Jalen Hurts was with the backups, but I didn’t check back to see if they had switched. It’s also possible they just wanted to swap from last week.
  • Given that today is the Red Elephant Club scrimmage, I’m sure it won’t be hard to find opinions about the quarterback battle after today.
  • With offensive lineman Matt Womack out (foot injury), it appeared that freshman Tommy Brown had moved up and was taking snaps with the second team offensive line at right tackle during warmups.
  • Deonte Brown was with the second team at right guard while Josh Casher was at left guard. That’s the reverse of what we’ve seen most of the time.
  • No sign of Chris Allen, who was also absent yesterday.
  • Will be curious to hear about what Patrick Surtain Jr. and Jalyn Armour-Davis do in today’s scrimmage. Surtain Jr. in particular has seemed to be getting more opportunities in the short periods that we see. Armour-Davis isn’t usually far behind him in warmups.
  • Looked like freshman wide receiver Xavier Williams had some tap wrapped around his upper leg/hip, but he was dressed and going through warmups.
  • Freshman linebacker Ale Kaho still seems pretty far back in the line during warmups. He was behind one of the walk-ons today. Of course, a lot can change after a scrimmage and he hasn’t even been in full pads for a week.

Nick Saban will be back in a couple hours to speak with us. Stay tuned.