“Dixieland Delight” made its return to Bryant-Denny Stadium during the fourth quarter of Alabama’s win over Missouri. The song was played during a break with 13:32 to go in the final quarter after Damien Harris scored on a one-yard touchdown run to give the Crimson Tide a 39-10 lead.

Harris and several Alabama players danced on the sideline during the song. Cheerleaders also danced. Cards played on the video boards instructed the crowd words to chant during the pauses between lines in the song.

At the point in the refrain at which some fans had previously shouted an expletive directed at Auburn, the PA system played a loud recording which said “Beat Auburn!”

Warning: This video may contain profane language.

The song became a point of contention during the 2014 Iron Bowl when several fans included the profanity at several places during the song. It has not been played at Bryant-Denny Stadium since the 2015 season.

Several fans, including a large contingent of students, had made a push for the song to be restored to gameday at Bryant-Denny.

“We basically said let’s give this a chance for a comeback, but ultimately it will be up to the students and the fans on whether it stays, if we can do this right,” Alabama athletics director Greg Byrne said earlier this week. “This is also something our current players and our former players were very vocal about wanting to have as part of our gameday.

“We talked about a lot of different ideas on how to bring it back and after a lot of discussions this is where we landed.”