Redshirt freshman Hunter Brannon has been suspended from the team, Alabama coach Nick Saban announced Wednesday night.

The Crimson Tide offensive lineman was arrested in Tuscaloosa last Sunday morning for driving under the influence.

“He has some internal things that he has to do,” Saban said. “He’s not going to dress for any games or anything like that until he completes all that. And then we’ll reevaluate how he handled all those situations, whether it be community service, police ride around, complete a program internally based on his issues.”

Saban said UA is going to have Brannon do something very similar to what quarterback Mac Jones had to do last year after he was charged with a DUI and improper ID for a minor. Jones did community service. 

“It’s not all based on just punishment,” Saban said. “A lot of it’s based on education and trying to help the young man make better choices and decision, because this obviously was not a good one.”

Brannon, a redshirt freshman from Cullman, hasn’t played this season.