By Hunter Jones/Special to The Tuscaloosa News

Alabama junior linebacker Dylan Moses is living out a life he dreamed of as a kid. He grew up going to and watching Alabama-LSU games and now he plays in them every year.

“I used to go to the games with my cousins and friends and, like, the atmosphere was crazy, so for me to be able to play in it last year and the year before, it was a dream come true,” Moses said. “It was just like, being able to be in that environment too was just like, it was kind of like an out-of-body experience because I’m watching this game for so many years and to be able to play it, it was crazy.”

When Moses was just 12 years old, he received national attention when he was offered scholarships from both Alabama and LSU. Moses, a Baton Rouge native, was committed to LSU until LSU head coach Les Miles was fired midway through the 2016 season. Moses soon decommitted from LSU and chose Alabama.

“The tiebreaker was just coaching staff, stability,” Moses said. “I knew Bama had more stability than LSU, I knew I could trust the coaching staff, I knew I’d be playing with and against great players every day in practice. I don’t know, it was just like I really wanted to play with the best of the best and I knew it would help me evolve as a great player.”

Coming into his junior season, Moses is expected to be take that spot as the leader of the defense previously held by other great Alabama linebackers before him. However, it’s not an entirely new role for him. During his freshman season in 2017, the linebacker corps faced a multitude of injuries that forced Moses to step up as a leader toward the end of the season.

“It prepared me in a lot of different ways, but it showed me that anything can happen at any given time, so it showed me to be prepared at all times and prepare for everything,” Moses said. “So, with that being said, it’s like you have to be ready, things can change very quick and you have to be ready for it.”