CECIL HURT: There’s lots to distill on SEC’s alcohol decision

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    Cecil Hurt
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    The war raged for three years. They battled in the aisles and under the stately oaks of The Quad. They fought on the radio airwaves and the darkest sw
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    Deacon Blues
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    We all know people drink before games, sneak alcohol into games ( especially under-age kids who are least able to handle it well), and drink afterward. Nothing new here. I like a cold one myself now and then. But selling alcohol at the stadium is, on balance, a bad idea. Unless an exponential increase in the number of drunks spewing venom, vulgarities, and vomit seems like a good idea. The very ones that would most likely fulfill that prophesy and those who would profit by it will be the ones who make the most noise in favor of it.

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