Alabama baseball will be broadcast on national TV nine times during the 2018 regular season. The Crimson Tide will appear on the SEC Network seven times this spring and have two games broadcast on ESPNU.

The Crimson Tide will have 49 of its 56 regular season games broadcasted, with the majority of those being aired on the SEC Network+ online. All 30 of Alabama’s conference games will be broadcast, and all of its 34 home games will be available on ESPNU, the SEC Network, or the SEC Network+.

Alabama’s first appearance on television will come during a three-game home series against Georgia on March 16-18. Those games will air on the SEC Network.

The Saturday and Sunday games on the following weekend at Tennessee will air on the SEC Network as well.

Alabama’s series opener at Texas A&M on April 12 will be broadcast on ESPNU. The Saturday game against Auburn on April 21 will be broadcast on the SEC Network. The series finale against Mississppi State on May 6 will be broadcast on ESPNU, and a Saturday game at LSU on May 12 will air on the SEC Network.

The 2018 SEC baseball tournament in Hoover will be broadcast on ESPN2 and the SEC Network. The regular season begins with a three-game home series against Valparaiso on Feb. 16-18. The Crimson Tide began practice on Friday.

Date Location Opponent Time Network
 Friday, March 16  Tuscaloosa  Georgia  6 p.m.  SEC Network
 Saturday, March 17  Tuscaloosa  Georgia  2 p.m.  SEC Network
 Sunday, March 18  Tuscaloosa  Georgia  1 p.m.  SEC Network
 Saturday, March 24  Knoxville  Tennessee  4 p.m.  SEC Network
 Sunday, March 25  Knoxville  Tennessee  2 p.m.  SEC Network
 Thursday, April 12  College Station  Texas A&M  8 p.m.  ESPNU
 Saturday, April 21  Tuscaloosa  Auburn  7 p.m.  SEC Network
 Sunday, May 6  Tuscaloosa  Misssissippi State  3 p.m.  ESPNU
 Sunday, May 12  Baton Rouge  LSU  7 p.m.  SEC Network