College gymnastics has reached the part of its season where Regional Qualifying Scores are used. Alabama’s 196.85 RQS places it sixth in the nation, the team’s highest ranking yet. Most recently, Alabama posted a season-high 197.3 at Auburn.

At the top of the list, Oklahoma (197.855), UCLA (197.61) and LSU (197.545) stand strong in order. Alabama’s RQS is 0.4 away from breaking into the top five.

Now to break down the new scoring system.

To calculate a team’s RQS, first take its top three road scores. Then, take the next three highest scores overall – home or away. Drop the highest out of these six marks, and then average the remaining five. The answer is a team’s RQS.

So, in Alabama’s case, its top three road scores so far are the 197.3 at Auburn, the 197.075 at Florida and the 196.725 at LSU. Its other three highs are the 197 against Arkansas, the 196.925 against Kentucky and the 196.525 against Georgia. Ignore the season-high 197.3 and average the rest: 196.85.

RQS ultimately determines which 36 teams make it to the NCAA Regionals. Alabama is one of the six sites, hosting a championship on April 7 in Coleman Coliseum.