Rivalries are always one of the focal points of a season, and for fans of both teams, Alabama verse Auburn is the focal point of the season. Auburn travels to Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Sunday to take on the No. 25 Crimson Tide.

As the biggest rivalry in the state, most people from other states don’t know how the important this rivalry can be.

“I haven’t seen anything like this rivalry with Auburn,” libero Quincy Gary said. “Just seeing how much people care about it here, it makes me care about it just that much more too. Just makes you that much more grateful to be a part of. It’s an incredible rivalry. It doesn’t matter what sport it is.”

Gary, from Alexandria, Indiana, said the biggest rivalry she had ever known before coming to Alabama was the Anderson-Pendleton Heights rivalry, which was the high school rivalry that Gary went through. It was a big basketball rivalry instead of an overall school rivalry.

“It just means a lot to a lot of people, like (it does) here,” Gary said.

On the flip side, CeCe Hall grew up in Dothan, so she grew up in the rivalry. Her father, Albuindaa Hall is an Alabama fan, and sat CeCe Hall down when she was in the second grade. He said she had to choose between the two right then and there.

“Of course, I chose Roll Tide,” CeCe Hall said. “I’ve been hardcore ever since I was a kid. So, all I know is that Alabama, so I hate Auburn with a passion, and I take it very personal. It means a lot to me.”

This is the 82nd meeting all-time between the two teams, with Alabama leading the series 49-32. The Crimson Tide has won six of the last eight games, which includes four wins at Foster Auditorium.

“It’s very intense,” Hall said. “It’s fun because you know the rivalry is there, and you want it so bad. For me it’s a little deeper, so you can tell the difference between people who come here and work their way, and those who grew up in it. For me I’m on the sideline wanting to cry and die because it’s that intense.”

Hall said that after the game her whole family is asking her if Alabama defeated Auburn.

Home-court advantage is huge in the series, as the Crimson Tide are 26-12 at Foster Auditorium. The match starts at 1 p.m.