The Ghost squad scared up its third-consecutive win in the annual Alabama gymnastics Ghosts and Goblins Intrasquad Sunday in front of a packed house in the Frances Smith Practice Facility. It was the Ghosts’ fourth win in seven years and fifth in the past 15.

The competition was decided, as many gymnastics meets are, on the balance beam, where the Ghosts surged ahead to secure the win.

Junior Shea Mahoney led the Goblins while senior Abby Armbrecht and sophomore Lexi Graber led the Ghosts.

The Ghosts, which earned the win by a score of 57-53, consisted of Armbrecht, juniors Wynter Childers and Maddie Desch, sophomores Graber, Tia Kiaku and Alonza Klopfer along with freshmen Asia DeWalt and Jensie Givens.

The Goblin mob consisted of seniors Angelina Giancroce and Ariana Guerra, junior Shea Mahoney, sophomores Kylie Dickson and Bailie Keyas well as freshmen Emily Gaskins and Griffin James.