For the fourth time this season and for the third consecutive week, No. 17 Alabama rowing swept its opponent, winning all its races against Jacksonville and Creighton on senior day.

The regatta featured two sessions, a standard 2,000-meter race followed by three sprint pieces. The Crimson Tide and the Dolphins kicked things off in the Third Varsity 4+, with the Tide starting the sweep with a first-place finish of 7:26.1. Alabama’s Fourth Varsity 4+ also competed in the race, finishing second (7:45.1). The Tide’s Second Varsity 4+ followed suit with another first-place finish, crossing the line at 7:22.0. Alabama’s Third Varsity 8+ (6:37.6) and Fourth Varsity 8+ (6:52.6) went one-two to keep the Tide’s sweep intact. Alabama closed out the 2k session with wins in the First Varsity 4+ (7:17.0), Second Varsity 8+ (6:34.8) and First Varsity 8+ (6:25.3).

After a short break, the teams went head-to-head in three sprint-style pieces with the Tide grabbing the top-two times in each piece. Alabama’s 1V4+ (2:31.5) and 2V4+ (2:34.8) started the session off, before its 3V8+ (2:33.5) and 4V8+ (2:40.4) finished in similar fashion, with the 1V8+ (2:36.6) and 2V8+ (2:38.9) ending the session.