OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – The Alabama Rowing team concludes the final day of the Head of the Oklahoma with an impressive five medals – two gold, two silver, and one bronze. In the possible six placements for the two events the team competed in today, Alabama secured five of them.

Junior Darcy Jennings placed first in the Women’s Collegiate 1X, followed by freshman Justine Hobbs for second. This was the first time in program history Alabama competed in a singles race and we finished in the top two positions.

Alabama went on to finish the day with a grand sweep of the Women’s Open 2-. Seniors Peyton Cowell and Hailey Higgins came out on top to win gold, followed by seniors Gabrielle Krieger and Rebekah Stewart to win silver, and freshman Jordan Bradburne and junior Ilaria Earl coming in at third for the bronze.

Sunday Results

Women’s Collegiate 1X

1st: Darcy Jennings (18:40.73)

2nd: Justine Hobbs (19:05.95)

13th: Carley McCoin (22:01.81)

Women’s Open 2-

1st – Alabama C: Peyton Cowell, Hailey Higgins (17:55.88)

2nd – Alabama B: Gabrielle Krieger, Rebekah Stewart (18:00.94)

3rd – Alabama A: Jordan Bradburne, Ilaria Earl (18:08.34)

6th – Alabama F: Lily Butler, Kristen Rupinen (18:28.99)

10th – Alabama E: Keilani Hamann, Olivia DeGroot (18:37.81)

15th – Alabama D: Jorja MacRae, Makena Clark (19:04.91)

18th – Alabama G: Arielle Schafer, Katie Toth (19:58.04)