By Taylor Morgan
Special to Tidesports

After coming off of a win from one of the most influential meets of the season, the Power of Pink, Alabama heads into another huge meet at home for Alumni Night vs. Arkansas.

“The pink meet was so much fun, said Alabama head coach Dana Duckworth. ”I took a moment when everyone was holding up their cards of who they were competing for and I kind of turned around and did a 360 and I started to cry, and it wasn’t tears of sadness, it was tears of appreciation,”

Heading into Alumni Night current Alabama gymnasts will get to see those who paved the way for them, those who they looked up to, and even those they competed alongside of.

Duckworth mentions they call themselves a “bamily,” a combination of the words Bama and family.

“I know everyone can say that they have a family, but when you have generations coming back that will all get together this weekend and it doesn’t matter if you were on someone’s team or not on their team there is a bond that is indescribable” Duckworth said.

Junior Alonza Klopfer said the crowd was a huge factor in last week’s home win against Missouri and she is eager to have some of her old teammates back in Coleman Coliseum to cheer them on against the Razorbacks.

“I cannot wait to see them,” Klopfer said. “They bring a lot of joy and energy, especially from the past teams that I’ve been on and to see them back is going to be great.”

For senior Wynter Childers, who will soon be on the other side of the ‘bamily’ as an alumnus, remembers being a freshman and looking up to the seniors and cheering for them. Childers said it’s crazy how she is now in their shoes.

“Alumni meet is probably one of my favorite meets, all the girls we looked up to in club are literally cheering you on and know you by name and are hoping that you win and doing cheers with us so it’s really special,” Childers said.

“The energy builds from one thing to a next. The Power of Pink meet is always a success and it’s an honor to compete for those women, but honestly, it’s an honor to compete for the legacy that Alabama gymnastics has too. Bringing in the alumni to show that we still have the legacy and to show that this is a tradition of excellence is so important.”