Despite posting its third-lowest score of the season last Friday, the Alabama gymnastics team remains No. 9 in the latest rankings. The 196.475 actually increased the Crimson Tide’s average by 0.015 to a 196.386.

The top five teams in the nation now all boast an average that hits the 197 mark.

Oklahoma continues to claim the top spot with a 197.85 average, followed in order by UCLA with a 197.639 and Florida with a 197.613. Utah is fourth, averaging a 197.179, while LSU’s 197 lands it fifth.

February is more than halfway over, and the Crimson Tide still needs to crack 197, making it the only team in the top 13 that hasn’t at least once. Even No. 15 Nebraska has managed a 197.25 while averaging a 195.975.

The Crimson Tide’s season high is a 196.9 through seven meets, and that was scored five weeks ago. UA has since had two 196.85s, a 196.7 and the most recent 196.475. Last season, Alabama scored its first 197 – on the dot – in its fifth meet and continued to reach that mark all but once in the next six regular-season meets. That one time was a 196.925, though.

Now, there are only four regular-season meets left in 2019. Alabama hits the road this week to face No. 13 Kentucky (196.196 average, 197.225 high) and then has back-to-back meets against No. 11 Auburn (196.293 average, 197.1 high). Then, for its final meet before postseason, Alabama competes at Oklahoma.

Both Kentucky (on Feb. 8) and Auburn (on Jan. 11) upset LSU, which Alabama lost to on Jan. 25. Oklahoma is undefeated and holds the highest score so far this season: a 198.325.

Event rankings

Alabama is still ranked in the top 10 nationally on three of the four events. But three of its four events also saw a drop in this week’s rankings.

Vault went down a spot, going from sixth to seventh (49.164 average, 49.275 high). Floor exercise saw the same change but from seventh to eighth (49.243 average, 49.45 high). Balance beam took the biggest hit, moving from 19th to 21st (48.814 average, 49.25 high).

Uneven bars stay 10th (49.164 average, 49.25 high).

The Crimson Tide’s highest-ranked individual is UA junior Wynter Childers. She’s No. 18 in the all-around competition. The hiccup here is she has only competed in that category once this season, so the average that ranks her (a 39.35) is the same as her season high.

UA freshman Shallon Olsen, who has competed in every meet, is Alabama’s next highest competitor at No. 22 on vault with a 9.861 average and a 9.9 high.