After four years Alabama gymnasts Shea Mahoney, Wynter Childers and Maddie Desch will celebrate their senior night in Coleman Coliseum on Saturday.

The trio will compete in their final regular-season home meet at 7:15 against the Georgia Bulldogs.

Head coach Dana Duckworth shed some light on the greatness these three brought to the team as leaders inside and out of the gym.

“I feel blessed right now to have three totally different personalities in their senior class who committed to buying into everything that we have to do, and no one is going to create a negative attitude towards the goals and aspirations that our coaches want for us and that our team wants to earn,” Duckworth said. “And that’s why they have been difference makers.”

To them this season wasn’t about just about taking charge simply because they were seniors. They met at the beginning out the year and laid out a plan to make this season special.

“They completely, 100 percent bought in when we had our very first senior meeting in April,” Duckworth said. “We talked about what kind of legacy do you want to leave and what kind of commitment are you guys willing to put in.”

Childers and Mahoney agreed that their favorite memory has to be between their freshman year Pink Meet when the Tide beat the Florida Gators and this season when they had the opportunity to do their pre-meet cheer alongside all the alumni they grew up idolizing.

Mahoney recalls having a huge smile on her face in the moment of getting to do that cheer surrounded by people she cares about in this year’s Pink Meet.

“That was really cool because we were surrounded by people who have been in our shoes and done what we’re trying to do. I had one of the girls who I’ve been a fan of on my right side and I kept thinking just don’t mess up the cheer,” said Mahoney.

The spotlight will be on them Saturday and they recall the past three years being nothing short of incredible. Desch believes Alabama has taught her a life lesson she will use forever.

“I learned a lot more about myself and who I am as not only a gymnast, but as a person, too. I’ve learned that the impact you have on others goes far beyond your gymnastics or how you perform. And what we do here at Alabama means much more than what score we get. I’ve had the best time getting to be a part of a team and am so thankful for the opportunity,” said Desch.

“They come here as a caterpillar they go into the cocoon and they leave a butterfly, and we have three beautiful one-of-a-kind unique butterflies walking out of this campus and they’re going to be successful in whatever they chose to do,” said Duckworth.