SEC Power Ranking: LSU making a move at the right time

Cecil Hurt

Did Alabama lose ground even with a blowout win at Tennessee? That depends on the Jaylen Waddle effect on the Crimson Tide offense. Meanwhile, LSU finally started to resemble the Tigers we remember from 2019.  

1. Alabama (5-0)

The Crimson Tide is still the Godzilla of the league but losing Waddle to an ankle injury might soften the armor for the stretch/postseason run. 

2. Georgia (3-1) 

Other than Alabama, the other top contenders in the league had last Saturday off. A welcome rest for the Bulldogs, who can regroup for the East Division run.  

3. Texas A&M (3-1) 

The Aggies have struggled with Arkansas in close wins over the past few wins and need to keep their intensity up, sometimes an issue for Jimbo Fisher’s teams.  

4. Florida (2-1)

The Gators have been locked out of their own facility for a week. They might be inspired. They might play like a team that’s been living in a van down by the river. 

5. Auburn (3-2) 

It’s Halloween. .. and Auburn Voodoo Is Real. Enter the Officiating Twilight Zone at your own risk, LSU.  

6. LSU (2-2)  

No one is making T.J. Finley into Joe Burrow yet but he got the football to the playmakers and LSU straight-up outmanned South Carolina.

7. Arkansas (2-2)  

The Razorbacks, to the shock of everyone outside of Arkansas, don’t look like a guaranteed win for anyone any more. 

8. Missouri (2-2) 

Mizzou can be the SEC’s great agent of Halloween chaos if it can keep up with Florida. Unlikely, but that’s what chaos is about.  

9. Kentucky (2-3) 

There is no way to describe how mediocre the next three East Division teams (UK, UT and South Carolina) looked last weekend. It was like watching The Invasion of The ACC.  

10. South Carolina (2-3) 

The Gamecocks have an open week. No one will miss them. 

11. Tennessee (2-3)  

Not sure how Tennessee ended up back at Square One in Game Six but here they are. 

12. Mississippi State (1-3) 

Mike Leach has had two weeks to prepare something to spoil Nick Saban’s birthday so Nick should unwrap carefully. 

13. Ole Miss (1-4) 

The Rebels can’t catch a break but if Lane does pay his SEC fine in pennies, they automatically move into the Top 5  next week. 

14. Vanderbilt (0-3)

Welcome back, Vandy. If you have a chance, this weekend against Ole Miss is probably it. 

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