SEC POWER RANKINGS: East showdown looms, but will The Force be with Florida?

Cecil Hurt

Only occasionally does a team make the Power Rankings look silly.

LSU made the Power Rankings look silly Saturday. (Actually, we went 0-6 picking against the spread but I’m blaming LSU anyway.) Auburn crushed the last memories  of the 2019 CFP Championship. This week, Florida and Georgia settle the East and six teams take a week off  

1. Alabama (6-0)

The Crimson Tide shut out what was admittedly not a vintage Mike Leach offense but zero points is zero points  

2. Florida (3-1) 

Not to reward bad behavior, but Dan Mullen turning into Darth Vader is the best schtick going in the SEC right now (as long as he doesn’t revert to Baby Yoda against Georgia).  

Zoom screen shot of Florida coach Dan Mullen dressed on Halloween night as Darth Vader

3. Texas A&M (4-1) 

The Aggies did what you don’t always expect them to do on Saturday, playing a nice, steady game with good decision-making by Kellen Mond.

4. Georgia (4-1)

Georgia’s Turtle Offense will be on full display in Jacksonville, so the real pressure will be on the Bulldogs' defense. 

5. Auburn (4-2) 

Guess who’s back? Auburn somehow survived the first two months and should be 6-2 coming to Tuscaloosa  

6. Missouri (2-3) 

Completely a default choice here, since the next six teams are a dubious stew of uncertain ingredients. 

7. Arkansas (2-3) 

The return of Bumper Pool heartens All-Name team fans nationwide. 

8. LSU (2-3) 

There’s nothing of value left for LSU, the worst-coached team in the SEC in 2020, except trying to ruin Alabama’s season on Nov. 14.

9. South Carolina (2-3) 

An upset of Texas A&M would cement South Carolina as the third-best team in its own state. A loss and it’s a debate with The Citadel. 

10. Tennessee (2-3) 

I used to wonder what would have happened on the famous Clint Stoerner fumble if the SEC had replay in 1998. Now I know the answer: nothing  

11. Ole Miss (2-4) 

If the Rebels had a  shred of defense, they’d be much higher.

12. Kentucky (2-4)

If the Wildcats has a shred of offense, they’d still be roughly in this spot.

13. Mississippi State (1-4) 

If Mike Leach’s team can just kick a field goal, it will be better than two of the Bulldogs' last three scoring efforts, 

14. Vanderbilt (0-4) 

Every time I say Vanderbilt has reached its last chance for a win this season, the Commodores get another chance. 

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