Most Arts & Sciences faculty against Ramsey

Andrew Wolfson
Louisville Courier Journal

Three-quarters of the faculty who responded to a survey of University of Louisville’s largest college support a vote of no confidence in embattled President James Ramsey.

The results, released at a meeting Friday, show that 75.4 percent of the College of Arts and Sciences faculty want the Board of Trustee's faculty representative to vote against Ramsey, while 16 percent want her to support him and 8 percent want her to abstain.

Ramsey’s supporters fended off a no-confidence vote at a March 2 trustees meeting on procedural grounds but the motion is scheduled to be heard again April 20.

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Ramsey and university spokesman John Karman did not respond to emails about the survey results.

The College of Arts and Sciences, the university’s largest unit, includes more than 30 departments and programs in the natural and physical sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and the arts and humanities.

Faculty trustee Pam Feldoff, one of 20 members of the board, has said she would seek input from faculty on the upcoming vote.

U of L President James Ramsey

Other colleges are also surveying their faculty and the 67-member Faculty Senate may take a vote on the no-confidence motion at its next meeting April 6.

Citing thefts, self-dealing, conflicts of interests and other embarrassments at the university, dissident members of the board of trustees have supported the motion, which if it passes could force Ramsey’s resignation or retirement.

Andrew Rabin, chairman of the Arts and Sciences faculty assembly, confirmed the survey results for the college. Forty-five percent of all faculty, and 67 percent of full-time faculty, responded.

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Trustees who support the motion say they have enough votes for it to carry, although two new members may be appointed before the April 20 meeting.

Ramsey sent out a blast email Monday to U of L faculty, staff, students and alumni addressing the upcoming vote and providing a list of fundraising and academic accomplishments achieved under his leadership.  He also said he would meet with each trustee individually to discuss “how we can regain our focus on our students.”

Defending Ramsey, former chairman Dr. Bob Hughes, who is still on the board and also heads the U of L Foundation, said Ramsey has achieved “irrefutable results in academics, fundraising and in meeting the University’s statutory mandate to become a premier, metropolitan research university.”

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