What the Carolina Panthers are getting in Alabama guard Deonte Brown in 2021 NFL Draft

Mikey DiLullo
The Tuscaloosa News

After five seasons in college, Alabama football guard Deonte Brown has entered the NFL. Brown was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft with the 193rd overall pick on Saturday.

Brown had a storied career with the Crimson Tide. He took over as a starter in the 2018 season and was a member of three teams that won the SEC championship and two teams that claimed national titles, including the 2020 Alabama team that went 13-0.

Here's what the Panthers are getting in Brown:

The positives

Brown has elite size for the guard position. He measured in at 6-foot-4, 350 pounds as a fifth-year senior: as big as many other offensive linemen in the NFL, and just as big as many of the defensive linemen he'll have to block. 

Since becoming a starter in 2018, Brown played 865 pass-blocking snaps and allowed no sacks. He was named to the All-SEC first team for the 2020 season. Brown was also part of the Alabama offensive line that won the Joe Moore Award, given annually to the best offensive line in college football.

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The concerns

Brown at times struggled with his weight. He came to Alabama at 330 pounds, bulked up to 344 by his sophomore season, and as a senior weighed in at 350. However, at the Senior Bowl, Brown weighed in at 364 pounds. 

His weight at the Senior Bowl led to a poor performance as he lost some mobility. Brown said he has lost weight since that January showcase and is closer to his 2020 season weight, but he will need to keep it more under control in the NFL.

Jan 1, 2021; Arlington, TX, USA;   Alabama offensive lineman Deonte Brown (65) blocks against Notre Dame defensive lineman Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa (95) Friday, Jan. 1, 2021 during Alabama's 31-14 win over Notre Dame in the College Football Playoff Semifinal hosted by the Rose Bowl in AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby-USA TODAY Sports

Final thoughts

There is a lot to like about Brown. He has a large frame and will use that to his advantage blocking both in the running game and in the passing game. The biggest question regarding Brown is his weight. It's fair to assume this will become less of a problem as he starts an NFL offseason program, but it's still something to note. Should he keep his weight under control and he play to his potential, Brown will be a solid NFL starter.