Alabama's self-reported NCAA Level 3 violations include football, softball, gymnastics

Nick Kelly
The Tuscaloosa News

Alabama athletics self-reported its Level 3 minor violations on Thursday, which include five total over the past year. 

A Level 3 violation is "isolated or limited in nature, provides no more than a minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage, and provides no more than a minimal impermissible benefit," according to the NCAA

The sports that committed Level 3 violations include: softball, soccer (twice), gymnastics and football. 

The violations are: 

  • Softball: A coach endorsed a person on Twitter who instructs prospect-level individuals, and that person used that endorsement on a company website. 
  • Soccer: A coach replied to emails from prospective athletes before the date they're allowed to be in contact with recruits on separate occasions. 
  • Gymnastics: The program posted a graphic on social media that endorsed an event involving prospects. 
  • Football: A student host gave an official visitor transportation and entertainment outside the 30-mile radius from campus. 

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