Cecil Hurt's best tweets: A collection of social media posts from late Tuscaloosa News columnist

Daniella Medina
The Tuscaloosa News

Cecil Hurt was a man of many words, most of which he poured out into columns for The Tuscaloosa News. The words that may have entertained the most, however, made it onto Twitter. 

Hurt, 62, who died Tuesday of complications from pneumonia, was an essential part of the Alabama sports community — and beyond, evident in his more than 115,000 Twitter followers who were largely impacted by the news of his death.  

Whether it was kneejerk reactions from the Crimson Tide going empty on third-and-goal or adventures with garage cat Slim Charles, Hurt knew how to woo the Internet. 

He also had excellent GIF game. 

Here are some of Cecil Hurt's best tweets — in no particular order. 

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But Before we dive into Hurt's best tweets, it would be good to start off with his last tweet:

"Survive to play the next day if you can." 

Hurt tweeted this at 2:29 a.m. on Nov. 7. 

The saga of Slim Charles, the garage cat

Good thing he announced his retirement. Literally the next day

Is that how old they are?

Remember that weird Tim-Tebow-to-the-Jags period in time?

We need a cocktail recipe book named after coaches now

Ba dum tssss

It is law

So we're not calling him Deion?

Major TBT

Well said 

Well, does it?

He called it...

Everybody Hates Bevo

It's Jake. From State Farm. 

Arrest him!


Thank goodness there won't be another royal wedding on Dec. 4

Same here 


It always happens

Can't expect much from Lane Kiffin's Twitter fingers



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