How Alabama basketball honored late manager Charlie Wilson in season opener

Nick Kelly
The Tuscaloosa News

Alabama basketball held a moment of silence in honor late manager Charlie Wilson before the season opener against Longwood on Monday.

The Crimson Tide also wore a patch that said "CPW" for Charlie Pierce Wilson. Several members of his family were in attendance for the game, sitting courtside.

Wilson, 20, died in late May after a fall during a seizure, something Wilson had dealt with throughout his life, according to his father, Charles Wilson.

Right after Wilson's death, Crimson Tide coach Nate Oats said Wilson worked "really hard" to serve the players and help the program.

"He brought a ton of energy to the program," Oats said.

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Wilson's love of Alabama basketball began at a young age. He attended an Alabama camp and began building a relationship with assistant coach Antoine Pettway.

When Wilson was being interviewed for a manager job, it had to be held in a different location than most manager interviews because Pettway and fellow assistant Bryan Hodgson had known Wilson for years and the managers figured the coaches might distract during the interview.

“We were afraid of somebody coming in,” head manager Perkins Carden said in June, “because they all liked him so much.”

Wilson not only got a manager job but one with a game day role. Few were given that opportunity in their first years.

"Everybody felt better when Charlie was around," Carden said. "He had a way of improving the mood no matter what was going on."