Florida Football Seniors Ready for LSU: Guest Jerit Roser talks LSU Match Up

Brad McClenny
The Gainesville Sun

Gainesville Sun writers Zach Abolverdi and Graham Hall talk about the Florida upcoming game against the LSU Tigers. Guest Jerit Roser, the LSU sports writer TigerDetails.com, talks about the tough year the Tigers are enduring after the Championship win last year. The guys talk about getting the defense right, no trash talking with LSU, Trask could break a record, keys to a win, and of course Recruiting.


0:45  The Gators Welcome rival LSU to town this weekend

1:10  Are Florida fans really into this, No trash talk this week leading into LSU

3:40  Florida needs a complete game this week

5:15  This week gives Florida a chance to get right on defense

6:20  Trask can break Wuerffell’s TD record this week

11:56 Interview with Jerit Roser, LSU sports writer with TigerDetails.com

25:25 Lets talk LSU drop off

26:35  The tight end situation at these two schools Is so different

29:15  Gators go undefeated in the Swamp with a win this weekend

32:45   The rise in the transfer portal

33:25  Who starts at LSU for quarterback

36:20  Florida needs to get more out of their running backs this week

38:40  Florida 3rd down offense vs. LSU 3rd down defense

41:30  How will the gameplay out this weekend

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