You're done with Tennessee Titans? Isaiah Wilson, who do you think you are? | Estes

Gentry Estes
Nashville Tennessean

You could say that Monday night’s tweet from Isaiah Wilson’s account — deleted, but hey, we all saw it — was when the final bit of realistic hope dissipated that it would work out for him in Tennessee.

Really, though, we'd already arrived there.

It’s one thing if a player tries his best and just isn’t good enough, but the Tennessee Titans’ rookie offensive tackle hasn't shown interest in meeting the basic demands of being in the NFL, much less living up to his $6 million signing bonus as a first-round draft pick.

He showed up out of shape in the preseason. His off-the-field missteps were a recurring distraction, especially in a pandemic year. He wasn’t often active when he was practicing. It took him until Week 12 to make his only appearance of the season — in garbage time of a blowout. Less than a week later, he was suspended by the Titans and then placed on reserve because of “personal issues” that weren’t grave enough to keep him from evidently being recorded while partying in Miami around New Year’s.

A screenshot of Titans' 2020 first-round pick Isaiah Wilson's tweet on Monday, Feb, 22, 2021, indicating he was 'done' playing for the team. The tweet was deleted shortly after it was published.

“I’m done with football as a Titan.”

The tweet was so dismissive, so strongly worded in its finality, attention naturally turned to the Titans for official word that Wilson had been released. Didn't happen Monday night.

I can’t say such a move isn’t in the works, but truth is, it doesn’t benefit the Titans much to cut Wilson now and allow him to try to catch on with another team. The salary cap savings would be minimal, somewhere around $1 million, per

Best-case is a trade, but that’s hardly worth mentioning. What team in its right mind would give anything for him?

“I’m done with football as a Titan.”

I’m sorry, but who does this guy think he is?

What gives Wilson the right to say one word against the franchise that had faith in him, invested so much money and time in him, has stuck with him through off-field issues and has received zilch in return?

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Just think about this: Going by last season's salary cap hit, the following Titans players made less than Wilson in 2020: A.J. Brown, Harold Landry, Desmond King, Nate Davis, Jack Crawford.

It’s infuriating to see a Pro Bowl receiver’s name on that list along with others who played their tails off to help push this team into the playoffs.

Meanwhile, Wilson should be thanking his lucky stars and anyone associated with the Titans that he’s still — at least this moment — in a position where he can shape up and play pro football if he suddenly decides he wants to do it.

“I’m done with football as a Titan.”


If Wilson wasn’t a first-round draft pick, he’d had been gone long ago.

There's clearly more to this situation than is known publicly. And given their investment, the Titans haven’t had much choice but to ride this out and do their best to help change the course on whatever it is that’s causing Wilson to self-destruct that the team didn’t see coming before draft night.

“Mind-blowing” was how one team source put Wilson’s situation to me. The Titans never expected this. I could also point out that sources at the University of Georgia — a football program I used to cover daily — have had minds similarly blown by this stunning collapse.

But that’s no excuse for the Titans’ front office and scouting operation. The vetting process for a first-round pick is extensive for a reason. Someone with the team should have caught this on the front end. Instead, Wilson was able to fool them.

“For whatever reason,” said GM Jon Robinson, “the player that this fall was here in Nashville wasn’t the guy that we spent time with last year.”

The franchise made a costly mistake, absolutely, and they’re paying for it.

But ultimately, this colossal failure is on Wilson.

Saying he hadn’t spoken to Wilson in months, Robinson recently questioned his commitment and noted there was “a lot of work to be done there.” He didn’t say the Titans were giving up on Wilson, though.

And then less than a week later …

“I’m done with football as a Titan.”

Tell me, Isaiah, when did you ever start?

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