The team worked indoors on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Here is what I noticed during the viewing period.

Running backs

The running backs group is easily visible when the team works indoors. It was the first chance to see true freshman running back Najee Harris up close, and he is as billed. He is well built for a freshman, particularly the lower body, from which the power is derived for a running back. The group went through drills in the following order: Damien Harris, Bo Scarbrough (black jersey), Josh Jacobs, Brian Robinson (who got an earful from running backs coach Burton Burns at one point) and Harris. B.J. Emmons also wore a black jersey.

Wide receivers

The wide receivers went through drills in the following order: Calvin Ridley, Cam Sims, Robert Foster, Xavian Marks, Jerry Judy, Tyrell Shavers and, T.J. Simmons and Chardarius Townsend, who had been working with the running backs.


Geno Smith has been spotted at practice. Word is he’s joined the staff in an intern-like capacity. Former All-American Antonio Langham was also in attendance. Jalen Hurts’ brother, Averion Hurts, was spotted as was Fuller Goldsmith, who was recently honored at the Nick’s Kids event last August.