Senior Alexey Nesterov and junior Riccardo Roberto dominated in the final day at the Crimson Tide Four-In-The-Fall after they won the Crimson Doubles Draw and each came out victorious in their respective singles draws on Sunday at the Alabama Tennis Stadium.

Nesterov/Roberto pulled ahead early in their 8-5 Crimson Doubles Draw Final against Prata/Chrysostom (Tennessee). The duo cruised through the event and went 3-0 as a pair to start the 2019 fall season.

In singles, Nesterov took the first set 6-0, before putting it away in the second, 6-3, in his Houndstooth Singles Final against Oklahoma’s Mark Mandlik.

In the other championship match, Roberto dropped the first set to Ole Miss’ Tim Sandkaulen, 6-4. Sandkaulen was the Rebels’ No. 1 singles player and All-SEC First Team last season. Roberto pulled out a 6-1 second set, before downing Sandkaulen in the third, 6-2.

In consolations, freshmen Marcelo Sepulveda Garza and Avi Shugar dropped their doubles and singles matches.

Roberto has now won back-to-back championships at the Crimson Tide Four-In-The-Fall. In his sophomore campaign, Roberto was crowned the singles champion in the Houndstooth Draw.

Nesterov’s singles and doubles wins were the first-career championship victories in a fall event for the senior.

Up next, two players will head to the Milwaukee Tennis Classic, while two others will compete in the Gamecock Ranked +1 in Columbia, S.C., beginning Friday.



Crimson Singles Draw

Riccardo Roberto def. Tim Sandkaulen (MISS), 4-6, 6-1, 6-2 (Final)

Loic Cloes (USA) def. Marcelo Sepulveda Garza, 6-1, 6-1


Houndstooth Singles Draw

Alexey Nesterov def. Mark Mandlik (OU), 6-0, 6-3 (Final)

Jordan Chrysostom (TENN) def. Avi Shugar, 1-6, 6-3, 6-4


Crimson Doubles Draw

Nesterov/Roberto def. Chrysostom/Prata (TENN), 8-5 (Final)


Houndstooth Doubles Draw

Bertsch/Rodriguez (OU) def. Sepulveda Garza/Shugar, 8-2